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Board of Directors

Dr. Binshen Meng


Dr.Binshen Meng has been serving as our director since Dec 2022. He currently serves as a board director of TCE (Shenzhen) Technology Limited ("TCE Limited"). Dr. Meng is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with extensive experience in the TMT industry. Dr. Meng served senior technology and management roles in multiple world-renowned technology companies in Silicon Valley, such as HP, Lucent, Altera and Nvidia. Dr. Meng founded TCE Limited in 2013, in which he has served as the Chairman of the board, CEO and/or CTO. Dr. Meng has nearly 30 years of R&D and leadership experience in network and telecommunications, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things and green energy technologies. Dr. Meng received both a bachelor degree and a master degree in electronics technology from Peking University and served as a professor teaching physics in Tsinghua University. Dr. Meng received his master degree and PhD in computer and electrical engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison.